Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whistle Blowing

    Muscat Duty-Free has an approved whistle-blowing policy, which is a method for reporting violations and misbehavior noticed by employees, contractors, and third parties inside the company's environment and workplace. It is one of several lines of defense methods. The reporting channel has a high degree of privacy to conceal the reporter's identity. This reporting channel is the consequence of a strong conviction in the need of working together to prevent anybody from engaging in wrongdoing that might harm the MDF's image or threaten its economic security. This platform enables the reporter to disclose occurrences involving employees, contracts, or third parties that breach the Muscat Duty-Free governance system, policies, and/or code of conduct.

    Any misconduct that the Whistleblower discovers or reasonably suspects must be reported promptly to

  • How and from where can I collect the items purchased from the MDF website?

    The items purchased from the MDF website can be collected from the Muscat Duty Free Customer Service Desk on the 2nd floor. The Customer Service Desk is at the entrance to the Duty Free Shops at Departures, near the escalators (after immigration and security check). To collect the goods purchased, you have to present an electronic or printed copy of the Purchase Receipt to the Duty Manager, along with proof of identification. In case of any difficulty, you may contact the Duty Manager on +968 99464297, who will be available 24/7 at the Duty Free Shop floor.

  • What happens if I make a purchase online but there is a change in my travel plans or I’m unable to travel?

    If there is a change in travel plans and the dates are different from what was originally mentioned in the Purchase Receipt, you can send an email to and intimate us about the new travel date. We will have your purchase ready as per your new travel date. However, if you are unable to travel, your money will be refunded back to your card after a 30 day period. As a policy, all items that have been online purchased online but not collected from Muscat Duty Free within 30 days of purchase will be refunded automatically.

  • Can I make a purchase online and nominate another person to collect items for me on my behalf?

    Yes, you can. When you make the purchase, please ensure that you mention the name of the person who will come to collect the item on your behalf (your nominee), in the ‘Special Instructions’ field in the billing form. You nominee should approach the Customer Service Desk at Departures and produce an electronic version or print out of the Purchase Receipt to collect purchase. The items purchased will be handed over to your nominee after verification of his ID (passport or national ID card).

  • What should I do if I’m not able to complete the transaction online or an error occurred while purchasing?

    In the rare occasion that you encounter an error while processing your transactions, you can send us an email on mentioning the nature of the error and we will respond to you within 48hours (in most cases). Our systems are designed to automatically notify us of any errors that occur while transacting and we will update and revert to you at the earliest.

  • What if the items I am looking for are not available on the MDF website?

    While we have made every effort to consider the widest possible selection of brands and products in the MDF website, we are sure you’ll appreciate the practically difficulty of showcasing our entire range of products online. So, if there’s a product you can’t find on our website, chances are that we would have it in our shop floor. Please send us an email at mentioning the product you are looking for and we will revert to you with availability and price of the product. The product however will have to be purchased physically on the ground at the Muscat Duty Free Arrivals or Departure shops.

  • How secure the transaction made online?

    Your transactions are very secure. MDF website uses a payment gateway that is provided and secured by Bank Muscat, which ensures that all payments are safeguarded by the strictest processes and systems kept in place by Bank Muscat.

  • I’m having problems viewing the site.

    These could most likely be due to the version or settings of your browser. In order for our site to function properly, we require the use of one of the following versions of browser: 

Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher 
Firefox version 7 or higher Google Chrome version 17.0.932.0 or higher

    You can usually check the version of the browser you are using by clicking on the item "About…" under the "Help" icon. Additionally, "Cookies" must be enabled on your browser. 

Other browsers not listed above may work properly if they are SSL-compliant and can accept Cookies.

  • Who should I get in contact with if I still have more questions that need clarification?

    Please write to us at clearly mentioning the nature of your query and we will get back to you at the earliest. In most cases, we respond within 48 hours.